Thursday, August 29, 2013


MWP turned 10 years old this past April, and we continue to celebrate the many ways God has redeemed hearts, transformed lives, and restored dignity through our partners!

We began by introducing our new family crest (click to read what our crest means).

Today, we are very excited to announce our new website!  We have three primary goals with this new site:
  1. For YOU to know all you can about what MWP is doing to end human trafficking
  2. How YOU can be involved.
  3. Make it EASIER for YOU to share the story.
Please take a tour around MAKEWAYPARTNERS.ORG and let us know if we hit our goals!   

(If our old website is what you see when you go to, please hit F5 on your computer to refresh.)

Then, help us by sharing our new website with your friends, family, church, and coworkers. The easiest way to share is to forward this email or facebook post.

Share with 10 friends, send us their email address, and we’ll send you a FREE Make Way Partners coffee Freedom Mug!  Help us continue to save lives by telling the story!

Love, your sister along the trail of remembrance and celebration,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Focus on the Family Broadcast

God is greatly using the two-part Focus on the Family broadcast about Make Way Partners and Passport through Darkness. In just 24 hours, thousands of dollars have already poured in via on-line donations, all of which will go toward our ongoing battle to protect the most vulnerable children from human trafficking. The broadcasts are also spreading the word about our best story-telling tool, Passport through Darkness. Out of the millions of books on Amazon, today Passport through Darkness catapulted to the top 500, and continues to climb.   

Please help us be the best stewards of this powerful resource from Focus on the Family  by tweeting, facebooking, or emailing these live links to everyone on your list. To listen to the program please click here for Part 1 & Part 2
After hearing the interviews, follow these links to "after hours" stories Jim Daly and I shared after the broadcast.
Human Slavery Today in the USA - Kimberly Smith explains why the United States is one of the largest nations perpetuating human slavery today.

The Story of Little JohnKimberly Smith shares the sad story of a lonely African orphan left abandoned on the side of the road.

The Story of Teresa NyibolKimberly Smith tells the story of an orphan girl rescued from human slavery.

Be a part of saving lives by sharing their stories!

Love, your sister along the journey,

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sanctity of Life, Really?

Each year many Christians around the world celebrate the third Sunday of January as the Sanctity of Life Sunday. During this month there is often a flurry of debate, dialogue, and writing around the subject. What eludes me is the why we Christians tend to back ourselves into a defensive position, dumbing down “sanctity of life” to the singular question of “When does life begin?”

          The below link leads to a fantastic article by RC Sproul, Jr. I only wish he'd expanded upon his statement, "Proclaim not the sanctity of life, but the holiness of God, whose image the least of these bear." Since he did not, I will, and I ask you to respond on facebook, twitter, and blogs so that together we might pose important questions to stir the hearts, minds, and actions of many.

          While I completely agree with his lament over the holocaust upon voiceless babies, I also think the glorious image of God as revealed in humanity demands so much more engagement from us than the singular discussion around abortion.

          What are we fearing when we refuse to allow God to expand our hearts beyond our secure borders of hearth, home, country, and church to include children who have indeed been granted temporal life, but little else? Millions who were not killed in the womb are still just as defenseless, and cry out from among us. The only breath they draw is from the foul stench of extreme poverty, rape, war, slavery, and oppression—largely abandoned by the Church who fought for their “right” to be born.

          These helpless children know not for what they long, for they have never known anything but the Great Emptiness. They simply wait. For most of them, the pregnant days of waiting births only a slow and agonizing death because there is no food, shelter, or even parent to care for them.

          If we are to speak authoritatively of the sanctity of life, we must also remember the elderly grandmothers who cry over the graves of their children while not knowing what to do for the infant grandchild war, famine, and disease have left in their hands.

          If we Christians want to be taken seriously in the discussion of glorious matters such as Life and Death, proclaiming God’s glory manifest in all who enter it, then we must be willing to make room at our table for all who enter this world.

          There is no more room for us to decide who we will care for and who is too far away, too expensive to reach, in too dangerous a location, the wrong color of skin, from an unsavory lot, or ungodly religion. The sanctity of life boils down to the weight of God’s glory falling down upon us all in every state and station of life...all the way down to the manger.

          I can only imagine that our turning our backs upon those who find themselves on the “outside” of our circle must cause Christ's agonizing words to echo hauntingly through the centuries of fallen mankind, His image-bearers, "My God. My God. Why have You forsaken me?"

          Let’s use this month to engage in the full discussion of sanctity of life, all life as precious in the site of our Father. Join me next Monday and Tuesday (January 16th and 17th) on your local radio station as Focus on the Family’s President Jim Daily and I share in a two-part interview on Passport through Darkness, and God’s heart for each of us to be fully alive, knowing and sharing the truly abundant life!

          To find a local channel and airtimes click here: or after Monday you will be able to download a podcast from my website:

Love, your sister on the journey,