Monday, August 19, 2013

Only One More Seat

Francis is a teacher at our school in Nuba Mountains, where Make Way Partners currently educates 400 orphans. Only One More Seat is his life story as he shared it with Matt McGowen.  

My name is Francis. I am 20 years old and have spent the past year as a teacher in the Our Father’s Cleft primary school.  The war broke out in June 2011, when I was in Form 2 (a sophomore in high school).  The High School closed down and the Kenyan and Ugandan teachers fled to get away from the fighting.

When the school closed down, I worried my dreams of becoming a teacher were over. My family had no food and I had no way of earning money. But I heard that a school had been started for refugees in Pariang, South Sudan, so I traveled there.  The trip was long and hot by footing.  Finally I arrived there and found out that the school had not yet begun. I waited for 3 months for the school to start, but soon my little money got finished because food and supplies are so expensive.  After my money was finished I had nothing left for school fees. I was so disappointed and began walking home.

By the time I footed back to the Yida refugee camp, I was exhausted. The whole time I was walking I kept praying for someone to give me a ride back home, but no one would stop for me. When I arrived in Yida I saw a Land Cruiser and went to see if they had space for one more person. I kept praying that maybe this one might have a space for me.  Inside the Land Cruiser were Joseph (OFC Director) and Amos (MWP Field Health Manager).  I have known Joseph my whole life because he is a leader in our church.  He told me he had started a school for orphans. Only one space was available in the Land Cruiser and before I even asked, Joseph offered the space to me!

From Joseph: “The vehicle was almost full, we had space for only one more person. The Land Cruiser was borrowed and the driver was really pushing us to hurry. So many people wanted a ride but I felt the Lord saying to me that there was one person He had in mind. So, I prayed and waited for the Lord to send that person. When I saw Francis, I knew that this was the person God told me to wait for.  On the way back home I offered Francis a job teaching at the OFC school. Since Francis has almost 2 years of secondary education, he is more qualified than most to teach primary school.”

I could not believe it when Joseph offered me the last seat on the Land Cruiser. And then he offered me a job! My dream of becoming a teacher was not impossible because NOTHING is impossible with God!  I do not have the education I need, but the little education I possess is enough to help the orphans at OFC School.

As I teach, I am not only giving knowledge but I am also receiving knowledge. I pray that with the money I earn I can one day pay my school fees and get more education so that I can be an even stronger teacher. For now, I am doing the best I can for my people.

I always pray to God everyday so that he might create peace in Sudan so that we might get a better quality education for our future life.  I thank you all very much for the support and your hearts toward us.  Thank you for the love and honor you have for your fellow Sudanese brothers and sisters. I ask God to give you more knowledge and support so that you may continue to give to the needy. I ask you to continue to pray for us so that peace and stability may one day come.

Thank You
Your brother in Christ, Francis

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  1. God is the MASTER COORDINATOR who orchestrates EVERYTHING in our lives for His glory! He is so worth knowing, following, and serving. HE is the gift, He is our reward!

  2. Thank you, thank you, Francis, for sharing God's work in your life!!! We are praying with you for peace in Sudan and rejoice at how God is using you for His purposes!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story Francis! It's wonderful to hear how God is working not only in the lives of the children but also in the lives of the teachers. I am praying that God will continue to bless you and that peace will soon come to Sudan.