Thursday, August 8, 2013

Prayers for Our Nuba Orphans Needed!

As adults it’s very difficult to remember what it’s like to be a child. By the time most of our bodies have grown up, we’ve tasted enough success that we do everything within our power to steer away from any risk of failure, loss, or pain. So, we work hard to walk within the lines. We don’t play as wildly, laugh as deeply, cry as easily, love boldly, or allow our fears to be seen. In other words, we control ourselves and as much of our environment as possible. Then suddenly we surprise ourselves with how childishly we act when something unexpected happens and we are forced to face how utterly powerless we are.

Catching myself in such childish behavior, whether it be an angry outburst or turning a cold shoulder, is never fun but it does cause me to remember how much of life is out of my control, how desperately I need God, and the fact that children live much closer to those truths than we adults, who keep trying to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, do.

No child knows the limits of her control or her desperate need for God better than an orphan in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Even with as much time as I have spent in Sudan the last ten years, I still cannot imagine what it must be like to be born with the sound of bombs heralding your entrance into the world and never live a day of your life without the worry of when the next one will hit, and if it will be the one to mark your death.      

This week alone, nine more children were killed in a throng of bombs, and many more wounded. This three-minute video and subsequent article does a great job of helping us see what children face each and every day, without actually showing any the violent images: Nuba Article

Please continue to pray for our 400 orphans at Our Father’s Cleft and our truly heroic leader Joseph, who literally pulls the children from caves to save their lives. As soon as the rain slows down enough for the rivers to become passable, we will send more food, medicine, and building supplies. Every penny you give toward Our Father’s Cleft not only saves a child’s life, but through the daily loving care she receives, helps her to play wildly, laugh deeply, cry easily, love boldly, and talk about her fear—as all children should be free to do. Perhaps making it safe for a child to be a child just might even help us become genuinely childlike as well… “for such belongs the Kingdom of God”~Jesus

Love, your sister along the journey,

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